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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Beach Description

The golden burning sand sprinkles across the beach until it meets the ocean.In the distance there are lonely islands on the horizon. On the sand there are hungry seagulls and lovely seashells that are waiting to be picked.The cove is pitch black and hollow.There are large trees towering over the sand.

The smell of the salty sea spreads across the beach.Shellfish start to rot and cover the lovely smell of the fresh grass.A delicious smell of fish and chips scatter around so quickly.

A gentle breeze welcomes me.The hot abrasive sand is radiated by the burning sun.Cool waves splash against my warm feet,washing the stress away.
I just love the beach! It’s like going to the wave pool for free  and the waves never stop.Tell me what you love about the beach?

This week we have written a description about the beach.
I think I've really described the beach  in my own words.

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